Unfolding in a way that presents the correct treatments . . . in the correct order . . . for emergency medicine providers to follow ACLS protocols simply by opening and deploying ArrestPAC contents.


    Includes quick-reference cards to guide emergency medicine providers through individual responsibilities and workflows in the treatment of patients displaying ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, PEA, or asystole.

    The patent-pending design defaults to the American Heart Association's ACLS algorithms for treatment, but allows variation to accommodate the wishes of individual medical directors.

Proven Pit Crew CPR Protocol

Created by two emergency room physicians, the ArrestPAC Resuscitation Pack is the only kit of its kind designed and organized specifically for response in the first 30 minutes of a cardiac event.

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ArrestPAC with default labels for American Heart Association - does not include any medicines, equipment, or other treatments.

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The PitCard for Cardiac Arrest

Created to guide you through the event efficiently. Use the pit card for training and refer to it during a real event.

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